Study Group

In order to improve academic situation on the Faculty of Marince Science and Fishery UNUD, then this activity units are formed in study groups. Based on the Udayana University Rector Decree Number: 46/UN.14.29/PP.08.02/2014 and 48/UN.14.29/PP.08.03/2014 stated the establishment of study group and head of the study group in the Faculty of Marine Science and Fishery Udayana University. Four study groups made along with its head are as follow:

Study Group Head
Climate Change Ir.IGB.Sila Dharma, M.T.,Ph.D
Sea and Coastal Environment I Gede Hendrawan, S.Si.,M.Si,.Ph.D
Remote Sensing and Marine Science Information I Wayan Gede Atawa Karang, S.Si.,M.Si.,Ph.D
Resources Health and Aquatic Environment Ima Yudha Perwira, S.Pi.,MP

We attached the decree letter below
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